Trails are Closed.

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Per DEC ruling, hunting season has been extended to January 1st! Trails can not open any earlier than January 2nd, weather permitting. Please keep an eye out on our Facebook page or the website for when trails have been officially opened.

DEC is also working on the “DEC Railroad”, “Holmes Trail”, or “Corridor Trail C4F” currently that runs from Alexander to Pavilion. Please do not ride it. They are replacing the decks on two bridges that cross highways which are being patrolled for trespassers. We appreciate your cooperation.


We have been notified that snowmobiles, ATV’s, UTV’s and hunting are not allowed on this Federal property. Trail cams have been installed by the Federal Cemetery and tickets will be issued.

**Message from our Land Owners**
To the snowmobile and winter powersports community:
As the 2022 riding season begins, we wanted to share a message about our partnership with the Genesee SnoPackers Snowmobile Club and its larger affiliated network throughout NYS. As many of you know we have purchased the entire property that was previously the East Pembroke Volunteer Fire Department. This parcel includes both buildings, the entire back lot and all grounds North to the brown Slusser Road bridge. We have consolidated and moved our electrical contracting company McCabe Enterprises to this location. Our use of the property is 6-7 days a week and very busy with employee traffic, fleet traffic, vendor freight, small parcel deliveries, snow removal, foot traffic and visitors to our business etc. As community members we all have connections to this property and space. We intend to be good stewards of this property and make sure to care for its legacy. We do understand after decades of public use that everyone, us included, needs to acclimate to the new use and changes in access on the property. We are a couple winters into working with the SnoPackers to update the trail to keep it accessible, safe and livable for all parties. Our biggest concern is safety. The importance of this junction staying here to keep people off of NYS Route 5 is very important to us. The other option ends up being riders headed East or South ride around a curve, over a hill, and against traffic on the side of the road which isn’t safe for anyone. One of our goals was to run all traffic along Slusser Road and create a safe crossing point where riders could cross to the Town of Pembroke park to get to Crosby’s or onward. This same junction would also put all riders on a great surface to head East. Our concern is establishing a reliable traffic pattern for snowmobilers that we can all count on to stay safe.
First and foremost staying out of the long driveway heading to or from Slusser Road, next to our rear red building is important. We have had numerous near collisions in that area, as there is a blind corner near the East end of the building on that driveway and behind the shop/office.
Secondly when going up or down the hill on the East end of our shop/offices (the old fire station) please stay to the North (creek side) of the hill both ways as riders in the middle or close to the building are traveling in a blind spot that vehicles and riders experience. The entire trail junction design is meant to keep riders in visible areas and allow vehicle snowmobile traffic to operate safely without incident.
Next time you ride through, please pay attention to the way this is laid out to eliminate blind corners, keep riders on good surfaces as long as possible and keep all parties as safe as possible. Please respect our neighbors whose houses you ride behind as you use our trail. We are committed to maintaining a well marked and easy to use trail junction that can be enjoyed long into the future. Please share this with your family and friends to help us make this as
successful as possible.
Ride Smart & Safe!
– The McCabe Family

New Trail Maintenance Worksheet – Please Print off a worksheet and send it in according to the instructions on the sheet if you have done any trail maintenance for the SnoPackers Club.


Trail Conditions

Genesee SnoPacker trails are closed.

If you see a trail needs maintenance in anyway (tree fell and needs to be moved, stop sign missing, trail marker broken etc) please email us at info@geneseesnopackers.com

PARKING AND UNLOADING SPOTS: Oakfield Hotel, Darien State Park

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Shout Outs to the Club!

Anonymous (10/18/2020) – “Please tell whoever made/cooked the chicken BBQ for the club today, that it was hands down the best chicken we’ve ever had!! Might be my most favorite thing I’ve ever eaten in my life!! Seriously!!”