Meeting Tuesday October 1st @ 7:30pm!

Please make sure all trail bosses attend this meeting. Spread the word.

Other Meeting Dates

Chicken BBQ – October 20th @ noon.

Bikini Rally Information – Donate Online Today!

The online NYSSA Trail Map will be down starting April 29th for maintenance. It will be brought back up after the summer.

If there is anyone that would be willing to volunteer to help with trail maintenance, grooming, bikini rally, fundraising, donating material, etc… please send the club an email at info@geneseesnopackers.com.

Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month at 730pm.


Trail Conditions

Trails are CLOSED.

If you see a trail needs maintenance in anyway (tree fell and needs to be moved, stop sign missing, trail marker broken etc) please email us at info@geneseesnopackers.com

PARKING AND UNLOADING SPOTS: Oakfield Hotel, Darien State Park